K & L Tube Works : Tweed Deluxe Project

One of us has wanted to build a pair of Tweed Deluxe amplifiers for quite some time. After years of relentless cajoling, the other recently agreed to undertake the project, with this result:

Tweed Deluxe
Tweed Deluxe
Tweed Deluxe
Tweed Deluxe


Why, that would be the K & L Tube Works, of course! The principals shall remain unnamed, but 'K' and 'L' may (possibly) be our initials. Like many tube amplifier aficionados, we're a pair of grizzled middle-aged guys who have been guitarists for something on the order of decades.


We've built a matching pair of reproductions of the classic narrow-panel model 5E3 "Deluxe" vacuum tube amplifier built by Fender Electric Instruments from 1955-1960. Often called the 'Tweed Deluxe' because of its distinctive tweed covering, this is a combo amplifier with a single 8 Ohm 12" speaker, a 5Y3GT tube rectifier, a pair of cathode-biased 6V6GT power tubes, and 12AY7 and 12AX7 preamp tubes.


March through June of 2009.


Because they sound great and we both want one!
Because neither of us can afford an original
Because we enjoy building vacuum tube amplifiers


Somewhere in or near the Park Hill neighborhood in North Little Rock, Arkansas.


Deluxe 5E3 Schematic
Deluxe 5E3 layout
CeriaTone layout
CeriaTone layout
Tube Specifications:

This redrawn schematic (courtesy of Mr. Steve Luckey) includes the minor modifications we made to the original circuit. These include:

Grounded 3-conductor power cord
B+ standby switch in lieu of original ground switch
Center-tapped 6.3V filament winding with 100 Ohm resistors grounding each winding leg
10 Watt 250 Ohm cathode bias resistor (original was 5 Watt)
5 Watt 5k Ohm power supply resistor (original was 2 Watt)

The gentleman at RecProAudio is a superb composer and player and has a wealth of technical information along with recorded samples of his do-it-yourself Tweed Deluxes.

Parts Suppliers
Speakers: Weber Speakers (model 12A125)
Components: Antique Electronic Supply
Components: Hoffman Amplifiers
Transformers and chassis: Clark Amplification
Cabinet (via eBay): R & R Music, 145 W Main St, Whitewater, WI 53190 (262)473-3843

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